BAM Online – Teacher- led web training

2 days

Sweden´s lagest, most popular and most modern work environment education

Course Description
The training is given via video link and corresponds to a regular teacher-led training where the participants will have the opportunity to collaborate via this medium and ask questions directly to the teacher.
The education mainly deals with the following points:

  • How the participant should be able to collaborate on work environment issues in the workplace.
  • How the participant should be able to investigate risks and contribute to implementing preventive measures to achieve a good working environment.
  • SAM - Systematic Work Environment Work.
  • OSA - Organizational and social work environment.
  • How the participant should be able to follow and overview the connection between a good work environment and the development of the business.
  • How the participant should be able to search for further information and be able to translate it into the daily work environment work.

Course Goals
The participant must gain basic work environment knowledge and a good understanding of how collaboration between employers, safety representatives and other employees in work environment issues should work.

Target Group
Managers, supervisors, safety representatives and workers who in their professional role need knowledge of how work environment issues are to be handled.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge required.



Pris  8.000 SEK exklusive moms/pers.


Våra utbildare är certifierade av Prevent.

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